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by Novacaster Website Administrator (Novacaster Public Information)
A Novacaster system is a database-backed website, managed through a web browser interface, that combines content management with a fine-grained access control system.

The result of this combination is a powerful means by which access to the capabilities provided by the software may be tightly controlled, down to the individual user level.

Essentially, you have unlimited flexibility in allowing or restricting a user's access to the information and facilities of your website.

Most website management systems only make the distinction between users being 'logged in' or 'not logged in'. Novacaster allows you to create as many user groups as you need, and to allow each group to see and interact with the areas of your website that are appropriate to them.

Novacaster offers you the following functionality;

  • Content Management - Novacaster allows users to submit content to any or all areas of the website. Anyone with basic keyboard skills can use Novacaster to make instant changes to content, keeping the website fresh and up to date.
  • Interaction - Users can read existing content and add their own news and information, under your control. Novacaster websites are database-driven, so the content is easily searchable. Novacaster offers a very powerful search facility searching the title, introduction and main body of an article.
  • Personalisation - Novacaster offers the ability to highlight content to the different types of stakeholders that use your site; public, students, journalists, members, executives, and so on. The system allows the content to be sent to the users by email, thus giving them the updated content direct to their inbox the next morning. This will give your users access to all the information suited to their requirements, as it goes on the site.
  • Access Control - The ability to control who does what, and where, remains with you! This is a key feature of a Novacaster site, letting you decide how the content is used. The structure of the site can be edited and expanded easily (and areas removed if the need arises). Using permission schemes you can create as many different user groups as you want, enabling groups of people to work together through the website in privacy, for example as a committee, regional group, or specialist group.

What this means to you

You might create a News group who can post articles to the News area. You might choose to allow every visitor to the site to read these articles. You might also allow Registered Users to submit comments to the articles, which are then only visible to the News Team Feedback Group.

You might set up Registered User Forums for discussion between all Registered Users. You might choose to allow non-registered visitors to read but not post.

Alternatively, a Committee Discussion Forum could be set up to be completely invisible to all users except the members of the Committee Group. A subset of the Committee Group might also be placed into another Group and granted the additional facility of attaching files to articles in the forum.

 If you are interested in finding out more about Novacaster, please contact us.

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